Inventions that came with Space Travel

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May 22, 2024

Inventions that came with Space Travel

When hear “space travel” we think only about the astronauts, planets and rockets. If someone asks how space travel helped us, we’d say that space travel let us explore the previously unexplored parts of the space. But with the space travel there has been lot of inventions are currently helping us on earth.

Solar Cells:

Solar Cells were invented to use as a power source for satellites. Now we use them every day, to power pocket calculators and to power cities as an alternative energy source.

Phone Camera Sensors:

Jet Propulsion Laboratory of NASA invented small digital camera sensors to fit on space crafts. They are known as CMOS sensors and today most camera phones and Webcams use the same technology.

Water Purification:

NASA invented an electrolytic silver iodizer to purify drinking water for astronauts. These types of filters are widely used today to kill bacteria in drinking water.

Handheld vacuum:

Black & Decker, an American company was appointed to develop a lightweight device to collect moon dust. The same technology is now used in handheld wireless vacuum pumps.

Wireless headsets:

In some cases, astronauts required to be free of wires but at the same tie, they needed to communicate. Wireless headsets are born to fulfill this requirement, now we use these to listen to music and entertain ourselves.

Computer mouse:

In an attempt to make the interaction between astronauts and computers easier, researchers at NASA came up with the idea of a mouse. Now we can’t even imagine a computer without a pointing device.

Exercise machine:

Since astronauts stay in space for weeks or months at a time they need to exercise, but since they cannot exercise as usual in-space exercise machine were invented. Now we user Exercise machine has given their convenience.

These are only a few of the inventions that came with space travel and very use full-on earth for everyone. The list includes many inventions including Portable computers, Baby formula, Freeze-dried food, CAT Scanner, Memory Foam, Athletic Shoes, LASER eye surgery, and many more. So we can say space travel helped use reach the stars while making our lives better on earth.

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