Ingenuity helicopter resting on sand dune

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July 14, 2024

NASA's Perseverance Mars rover captured a photo of the Ingenuity helicopter resting on sand dune

In February 2021, the Ingenuity helicopter landed with NASA’s Perseverance Mars rover in Jezero Crater on Mars. This six-wheeled Mars rover is carrying out various research activities as well as collecting samples of Mars to be sent to Earth by 2033.

The Ingenuity helicopter associated with the rover will assist the Perseverance Mars rover in deeper studies by taking short flights under the power of the thin Martian atmosphere to select the best routes through Jezero’s rugged landscape and provide mapping and data.

Ingenuity made its 39th Mars flight on Wednesday, covering 459 feet (140 meters) of ground in nearly 79 seconds. According to the mission’s flight log, the helicopter has flown a total of 25,690 feet on Mars to date.

Ingenuity helicopter (Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)
Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech
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