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நீங்கள் இங்கே உள்ளீர்கள்:  முகப்பு உங்களுக்கான காட்சிகள்

உங்களுக்கான காட்சிகள்

The Birth of the Solar System

How did our Solar System originate? This planetarium program takes visitors through the phases of its creation, from condensation of the initial cloud of gas and cosmic dust, to its final formation as we know it today. The questions remains, how can we know it happened this way and not through any other mechanism?

Hubble Vision 2

Since its launch in 1990, the Hubble Space Telescope has provided incredible images in unprecedented detail to astronomers, and made an astonishing array of discoveries from nearby objects in the solar system to the most distant galaxies at limits of the observable universe.

Dawn of the Space age

Experience the exciting beginnings of space travel, from the start of Sputnik 1 to the landings on the Moon, and from the assembly of the International Space Station to the first private space flights. Trace the initial competition of political systems for supremacy in space, and the peaceful collaboration between nations today.

Natural Selection

Join the young Charles Darwin on an adventurous voyage of exploration circumnavigating the World with the HMS Beagle. In Victorian times many physical phenomena were already discovered and described by natural laws, but life's most eloquent mechanism was still unknown.

Stars, The Powerhouse of the Universe

Some are as old as time, faint and almost forgotten. Others burn bright and end their lives in powerful explosions. Through every phase of their existence, stars release the energy that powers the universe. Journey to the furthest reaches of our galaxy and experience both the awesome beauty and destructive power of stars.

Exploring the Universe, Probing the Heavens with Galileo

In what way do planets differ from stars? Where can we find the familiar constellations? Galileo's ghost accompanies us on an excursion across the northern hemisphere of the sky and into the depths of space. His personal life story involved the painful realization that our home planet had lost its position as center of the universe.

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