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Sri Lanka Planetarium

56 years of operations (1965 - 2021)

Sri Lanka Planetarium

Universal Projector | Night Sky Passage

Annular Solar Eclipse - Dec 2019

Annular solar eclipse observation camp organized in Mullaitivu

Water Rocket Competition

Water rocket competiotion for AstroIT students

Water Rocket Competition

Godagama Subharathi Mahamathya Maha Vidyalaya

Ingenuity On 19th Monday 2021, NASA’s Ingenuity flew on Mars becoming the first ever aircraft to attempt and succeed in a powered, controlled flight on another planet. Ingenuity is a helicopter developed by NASA’s JPL Caltech, as a proof of the concept of powered flight on extra-terrestrial worlds, thus it did not carry any science equipment. Most of this helicopter is built with off-the-shelf parts that are readily available. It consists of a Li-ion battery pack that stores energy prod...

It has been 60 years since the Major Yuri Alekseyevich Gagarin became the first man to fly into space (on April 12, 1961) Image credit: ESA...

Lyrids Meteor Shower Lyrids is one of the most prominent meteor showers, which is active in the mid-April every year. Although meteors will appear in all directions of the sky the Lyrids meteors will look like they are coming from the direction of constellation Lyra. This year the meteor shower will be active for approximately 10 days starting from 15th April 2021. The peak of the meteor shower will be on 22nd 23rd. With a clear sky one will be able to view around a meteor per 4 minutes....


சூரிய, சந்திர உதயம் / மரைதல்

சூரியன் உதயம்   06.00
சூரியன் அஸ்தமிப்பு   18.19
சந்திரன் உதயம்   21.40
சந்திரன் அஸ்தமிப்பு   08.44
சந்திரனின் அமைவு   image

Natural Phenomena and Space Events

முகப்புஎமது கோள்மண்டலம்எம்மை தொடர்பு கொள்ளதள ஒழுங்கமைப்பு