Annular Solar Eclipse Camps

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June 14, 2024

Annular Solar Eclipse Camps

An annular eclipse will be visible in Sri Lanka on 12-12-2019. Such an eclipse was first seen in Sri Lanka in the year 2010 and such a phenomenon will happen again in another 12 years. This eclipse will not be seen in many countries and only a few countries in sri lanka india will have this opportunity Although this phenomenon is of great interest to school children, the public as well as foreigners, it is best seen in the northern part of Sri Lanka.

Accordingly, the main observatory was organized at Mullaitivu to observe the eclipse and the other observatory was to conduct observations at the Sri Lanka Planetarium Premises at Colombo.

Annular Solar Eclipse Main Camp - Mullaitivu Beach

Annular Solar Eclipse 2nd Camp - Sri Lanka Planetarium, Colombo 07

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