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July 14, 2024

Astro IT

Astro IT

This course contains Astronomy and Space Science related topics according to the school & International Astronomy Olympiad syllabi, which are demonstrated using Information Technology.

To be eligible to this course you need to be a student above grade 6 with a great interest in learning Astronomy and Space Science.

Students are enrolled twice a year. Course duration is six months.

Next Intake: September 2024

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There are a large number of students in Sri Lanka who are interested in the field of Astronomy and Space Science. However, due to the inadequate facilities available in this field of study, students are tempted to drop out of the subject as their questions are not answered.

The purpose of this course is to bridge the gap between curiosity/desire and knowledge and not only to answer innumerable questions related to the nature of the universe but also to a place where students can come and learn with real experience.

Furthermore, a student can not only satisfy his/her thirst for knowledge in Astronomy and Space Science but can also contribute to enhancing the Astronomy and Space Science knowledge among other students in Sri Lanka and thereby participating in educational service to the nation.

Astro IT Course Students Intake - 2024

Classroom Course

First Intake –  February


The Maximum Intake is 100 students.

Second Intake –  June


The Maximum Intake is 100 students.

Online Course

First Intake –  January


The Maximum Intake is 100 students.

Second Intake –  July


The Maximum Intake is 100 students.


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