Artemis I Successfully Launched

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May 22, 2024

Artemis I Successfully Launched to the Moon

NASA successfully launched the lunar-orbiting mission rocket Artemis 1 to the Moon on November 16, 2022. Artemis I is an uncrewed mission flight currently underway. Its Orion spacecraft will re-enter the Earth orbit and will splash down in the Pacific Ocean after a 26- to 42-day research mission. This mission will be followed by a crewed lunar flyby by the Artemis 2 mission, and a crewed lunar landing by the Artemis 3 mission.

Through future Artemis missions, NASA will also land the first woman and non-white person on the moon. Artemis missions are also expected to be used to establish a permanent settlement on the Moon and send astronauts to Mars in the future.

Image credit: NASA/Artemis1
Image credit: NASA/Artemis1
Image credit: NASA/Artemis1
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